15 Apr

OpenShot Spring 2019 Fundraiser
OpenShot Spring 2019 Fundraiser

For a limited-time only, we are offering a unique OpenShot t-shirt design!

Not only do you get an awesome t-shirt which helps us to continue funding development of OpenShot, but you also get a special "t-shirt" icon next to your name in the credits! Fundraiser runs through April 29th, so hurry up and claim your shirt before it's gone! This was really fun to organize, and I'm hopeful that everyone likes the design!

View the Design

Depending on how successful (or not) this idea is, I would love to offer a few unique OpenShot t-shirt fundraisers each year, giving the community a fun way to show support, and a creative way to continue to fund OpenShot into the future. I hope you agree! Also, I would love your feedback as always.