30 मई

Now that I have successfully rolled out the OpenShot build wizard, I am returning my focus to OpenShot and the task at hand. In my latest check-in I have added the following features:

  • Frame Stepping - The LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys now step frame by frame in either direction. This works really well, and feels really natural.
  • Keyboard Mappings - I have added keyboard mappings for the following keys: J = Seek backwards, K = Play / Pause, L = Seek forwards, UP arrow = Previous marker, DOWN arrow = Next marker.
  • Improved Seeking - I have modified the seeking to follow this pattern: 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, and so on.
I've also made some big changes to the video controls and the MLT XML generation. OpenShot is now aware when the timeline has been changed in any way (i.e. new clip, trimming, removing a track, moving a clip, etc...) and only generates new MLT XML when necessary. Also, all of the video controls and the play-head check to see whether the timeline has been modified, and updates the XML if needed. The end result is a preview that is always in sync with the timeline.

Lastly, I've fixed some multi-threading bugs where the video thread was preventing OpenShot from saving a project file. As of right now, I'm not aware of any outstanding bugs.

Next up: Transitions & Key Frame Animation!

Stay Tuned...