1 Янв

Happy New Year! Last year was an amazing year for OpenShot, with huge stability and performance improvements, a new interactive transform tool, improvements to animation & key-frames, a new website (translated in 10 languages), a new cloud API (for video automation), improved playback speed, and more than 1 million installs of OpenShot 2.x. Now that 2018 has arrived, I thought it would be fun to discuss the future of OpenShot, and where it's heading for the next year.

Plans for 2018

Here are a few of my favorite ideas for 2018, but I would love to hear other ideas too (please drop great ideas in the comments below).
  • Improved Stability (an important focus every year until I see no crashes reported).
  • Improved Transform and Preview - Allow for zooming in/out of the video preview, to allow easier off-screen animations.
  • Integrate Origin Points into transform and rotation (and make them keyframeable), which is super useful in animation work-flows.
  • New Image Sequence Reader - Dramatically improve speed and seek performance of image sequences (for frame by frame animations).
  • Improved Documentation (including translations)
  • UI Improvements (and possibly timeline themes)
  • Interactive Keyframe Curves (on the timeline, to make selecting, moving, and visualizing them easier).
  • More Effects - I have a large backlog of video and audio effects that need to be ported into OpenShot 2.x, and I would also like to introduce an easy plug-in framework to allow others to quickly create video and audio effects.
  • 32-bit Windows Builds - This has been requested a billion times (okay maybe that's exaggerated, but many schools have old computers, and are not able to use the current 64-bit builds).
  • More High-Quality Video Tutorials - I have created 6 official tutorial videos in 2017, and I hope to create a bunch more in 2018, as this is a highly effective way teach how OpenShot works... and they are fun to make.
In summary, I want 2018 to be OpenShot's best year ever, solving any remaining stability issues, introducing huge improvements to the UI, animation and editing workflows, add many new video and audio effects, and further develop our training, documentation, and video tutorials to bring OpenShot to as many people as possible.

If you would like to be a part of the 2018 plan mentioned above, or want to help out in any capacity, please send me an email and introduce yourself. =) I look forward to meeting you, and together maybe we can transform OpenShot into the world's best video editor (...one day).