Archieven juni 2008

12 Jun

I have completed my first real Python program, which is a video / audio file inspector (and player). Simply download the source code, and run the "" script to start the program.

Click here to download the source code.

Here is a screen shot of my program:

This program has accomplished 2 important things for ...

1 Jun

Ever wanted to export a frame of video to an image file (such as a PNG file)? Well, here's how to do it with gstreamer. These examples use the gstreamer command line syntax (gst-launch):

Export a DV file frame to a PNG file:
gst-launch filesrc location=/home/jonathan/capture003.dv ! dvdemux name=demux ! dvdec ...

1 Jun

I've spent the past few weeks putting together a working Python example, which allows a user to select a media file (audio or video) and display all the various information I can find (such as height, width, duration, position, frames per second, codec, etc...). One of my blog readers informed me of a module ...