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Transitions are very useful for gradually moving between two different video clips, but often they can be a pain to layout and position. Not only do you need to position a transition in a very precise place, but you also have to set the "direction" correctly.

The "direction" of a transition affects how the transition processes the image. If the top clip is fading into the bottom clip, the transition must have the direction set to "Down". If the bottom clip is fading into the top clip, the direction must be set to "Up". Many users get this confused, which results in a sudden jump to the other clip... which is the opposite of a transition. =)

When "Snap" mode is enabled (using the toolbar toggle button), a transition will now more accurately snap to the surrounding clips. Depending on which direction the transition is being dragged, and what clips are nearby, the snapping algorithm has been greatly improved.

Also, OpenShot will now automatically detect and set the correct direction of the transition, based on which clip comes first on the timeline, track A or track B. In other words, top to bottom, or bottom to top.

[Transition moving from top to bottom]

[Transition moving from bottom to top]

In summary, these updates to the transition snapping will make OpenShot even easier to correctly use transitions, especially for new and beginning users. Of course, advanced users will also benefit from this. =)