28 Luty

Do you have an amazing idea to improve OpenShot?

I am giving away an 8 GB OpenShot USB Flash drive for the 2 best ideas to improve OpenShot! To submit an idea, simply add your suggestion using the comment system on this post, and "vote" for other comments that you would like to see included in OpenShot!

The 2 highest voted comments (containing suggestions) will be sent a USB Flash drive.

8 GB USB Flash Drive for OpenShot
If you follow OpenShot on Facebook or Google+, submit ideas there as well. I will be giving away free t-shirts for the highest "liked" idea on Facebook, and the highest "+'ed" idea on Google+. If you don't follow OpenShot... what are you waiting for?!? =)
1st Generation OpenShot T-Shirt
Thanks in advance for all the great suggestions and ideas!

* Only two winners will be selected per site (Facebook, Google+, and this blog). Only one prize per person is allowed (even if you have the top 2 comments). Please only submit unique comments (no duplicates). Thanks and good luck!