Arhive Iulie 2008

24 Iul

Have you ever run into a problem where your favorite Python IDE can't determine the type of a variable, and thus you get no auto-completion? There is a built-in function in Python called isInstance(your_variable, type_of_variable) that is designed to compare a variable to a class type, and return true or false. However, just ...

10 Iul

Here is a quick update for everyone following this project. I am working on an prototype timeline, using the Gnome canvas, GTK, and Python. So far my "prototype first" methodology seems to be playing out nicely. It is allowing me to quickly test out various libraries, GUI techniques, and design patterns, while allowing me to ...

10 Iul

I never thought licensing free software would be so interesting. Before I start releasing more source code, I figured it was time to understand what the Free Software Foundation and GPL (General Public License) is all about. So here are my thoughts about licensing free software:

Why Even Bother?
To write software and not license ...

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