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ChunkReader.h File Reference

Header file for ChunkReader class. More...

#include <string>
#include <memory>
#include "ReaderBase.h"
#include "Json.h"
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struct  openshot::ChunkLocation
 This struct holds the location of a frame within a chunk. More...
class  openshot::ChunkReader
 This class reads a special chunk-formatted file, which can be easily shared in a distributed environment. More...


 This namespace is the default namespace for all code in the openshot library.


enum  openshot::ChunkVersion { openshot::THUMBNAIL, openshot::PREVIEW, openshot::FINAL }
 This enumeration allows the user to choose which version of the chunk they would like (low, medium, or high quality). More...

Detailed Description

Header file for ChunkReader class.

Jonathan Thomas


Definition in file ChunkReader.h.