27 Nis

Fresh off the release of video compositing, we've just added audio mixing to OpenShot. What is audio mixing you ask? Well, it's the ability to mix the audio of multiple video & audio clips across multiple tracks. So, instead of hearing just the audio from the top-most clip, it mixes all the tracks together. Very nice.

Also, just as significant as audio mixing, we've added the capability to render (i.e. export, make movie, etc...) your video project to an MPEG file. Of course, we will add more options and more formats in the future, but it's the first time OpenShot can actually produce anything meaningful, and thus... it's great news.

Screenshot of the new Make Movie button

What's next? There is still much to do before we have an official release. Here are a few features that I plan on addressing next:
  • A few more timeline related tools
  • A Make Movie dialog, with many more options and formats
  • Video Transitions
  • Video Effects / Filters
  • A Key-framing animation dialog / screen
As you can see, there is still plenty of work to be done. So, once again, if you are a Python developer and are interested in helping out, please drop me an email or join the "OpenShot Developers" team on LaunchPad.