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I started my journey over 6 months ago to the world of Linux (Ubuntu 7 to be specific). It was a beautiful place. It had photos, music, eye candy, and lots of free, open-source software to enjoy. Life was good. It wasn't too long before I noticed that something was very, very wrong. You see, I wanted to make a video (which I love to do), and I could not seem to find any *good* open-source software to use.

So, I considered helping the Cinelerra project, but they were in the middle of a transition from an old code base to a new code base (very early in that process), and were not interested in any help from me.

Long story short, I have decided to put my programming and design skills to the ultimate test. I am going to take the best ideas from all the non-linear video editors and compositors that I know and love (from Windows) and make an open-source, kick-ass video editor. And I figured, just in case I don't make it out alive, I will document my journey to help the next developer who might walk in my footsteps.

There are many questions I still need answers to, such as what multimedia framework do I use? What language do I use? What libraries will I need? And so on...

Stay tuned...

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