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openshot::ReaderInfo Struct Reference

This struct contains info about a media file, such as height, width, frames per second, etc... More...

#include <ReaderBase.h>

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Public Attributes

std::string acodec
 The name of the audio codec used to encode / decode the video stream. More...
int audio_bit_rate
 The bit rate of the audio stream (in bytes) More...
int audio_stream_index
 The index of the audio stream. More...
openshot::Fraction audio_timebase
 The audio timebase determines how long each audio packet should be played. More...
openshot::ChannelLayout channel_layout
 The channel layout (mono, stereo, 5 point surround, etc...) More...
int channels
 The number of audio channels used in the audio stream. More...
openshot::Fraction display_ratio
 The ratio of width to height of the video stream (i.e. 640x480 has a ratio of 4/3) More...
float duration
 Length of time (in seconds) More...
int64_t file_size
 Size of file (in bytes) More...
openshot::Fraction fps
 Frames per second, as a fraction (i.e. 24/1 = 24 fps) More...
bool has_audio
 Determines if this file has an audio stream. More...
bool has_single_image
 Determines if this file only contains a single image. More...
bool has_video
 Determines if this file has a video stream. More...
int height
 The height of the video (in pixels) More...
bool interlaced_frame
std::map< std::string, std::string > metadata
 An optional map/dictionary of metadata for this reader. More...
int pixel_format
 The pixel format (i.e. YUV420P, RGB24, etc...) More...
openshot::Fraction pixel_ratio
 The pixel ratio of the video stream as a fraction (i.e. some pixels are not square) More...
int sample_rate
 The number of audio samples per second (44100 is a common sample rate) More...
bool top_field_first
std::string vcodec
 The name of the video codec used to encode / decode the video stream. More...
int video_bit_rate
 The bit rate of the video stream (in bytes) More...
int64_t video_length
 The number of frames in the video stream. More...
int video_stream_index
 The index of the video stream. More...
openshot::Fraction video_timebase
 The video timebase determines how long each frame stays on the screen. More...
int width
 The width of the video (in pixesl) More...

Detailed Description

This struct contains info about a media file, such as height, width, frames per second, etc...

Each derived class of ReaderBase is responsible for updating this struct to reflect accurate information about the streams.

Definition at line 38 of file ReaderBase.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ acodec

std::string openshot::ReaderInfo::acodec

◆ audio_bit_rate

int openshot::ReaderInfo::audio_bit_rate

◆ audio_stream_index

int openshot::ReaderInfo::audio_stream_index

◆ audio_timebase

openshot::Fraction openshot::ReaderInfo::audio_timebase

The audio timebase determines how long each audio packet should be played.

Definition at line 64 of file ReaderBase.h.

Referenced by openshot::WriterBase::CopyReaderInfo(), openshot::ReaderBase::DisplayInfo(), openshot::ReaderBase::JsonValue(), openshot::ReaderBase::ReaderBase(), and openshot::ReaderBase::SetJsonValue().

◆ channel_layout

openshot::ChannelLayout openshot::ReaderInfo::channel_layout

◆ channels

int openshot::ReaderInfo::channels

◆ display_ratio

openshot::Fraction openshot::ReaderInfo::display_ratio

◆ duration

float openshot::ReaderInfo::duration

◆ file_size

int64_t openshot::ReaderInfo::file_size

◆ fps

openshot::Fraction openshot::ReaderInfo::fps

◆ has_audio

bool openshot::ReaderInfo::has_audio

◆ has_single_image

bool openshot::ReaderInfo::has_single_image

◆ has_video

bool openshot::ReaderInfo::has_video

◆ height

int openshot::ReaderInfo::height

◆ interlaced_frame

bool openshot::ReaderInfo::interlaced_frame

◆ metadata

std::map<std::string, std::string> openshot::ReaderInfo::metadata

An optional map/dictionary of metadata for this reader.

Definition at line 65 of file ReaderBase.h.

Referenced by openshot::ReaderBase::DisplayInfo(), openshot::Clip::init_reader_rotation(), openshot::ReaderBase::JsonValue(), and openshot::ReaderBase::SetJsonValue().

◆ pixel_format

int openshot::ReaderInfo::pixel_format

◆ pixel_ratio

openshot::Fraction openshot::ReaderInfo::pixel_ratio

◆ sample_rate

int openshot::ReaderInfo::sample_rate

◆ top_field_first

bool openshot::ReaderInfo::top_field_first

◆ vcodec

std::string openshot::ReaderInfo::vcodec

◆ video_bit_rate

int openshot::ReaderInfo::video_bit_rate

◆ video_length

int64_t openshot::ReaderInfo::video_length

◆ video_stream_index

int openshot::ReaderInfo::video_stream_index

◆ video_timebase

openshot::Fraction openshot::ReaderInfo::video_timebase

◆ width

int openshot::ReaderInfo::width

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