15 Tháng 10

According to the Ubuntu & Debian Popularity Contest Project, I discovered an interesting statistic. According the data collected, OpenShot has the highest percentage of users, when compared to the number of installations. In other words, people who install OpenShot are more likely to actually use OpenShot, than people who install other open-source video editors.

Simple formula: Number of people who use the app regularly / Number of people who have installed the app.

So, now the big question: what does this actually mean? Why does OpenShot score so much higher than other video editors? Perhaps it is because OpenShot is more usable or more intuitive? Maybe it is because OpenShot is more stable? Or possibly that OpenShot is less intimidating?

While it is difficult to say exactly why users are more likely to use OpenShot than other open-source video editors, it seems to be a positive result, and supports the direction we continue to move the project in.

I believe this data supports what other polls have already suggested: OpenShot is the best Linux video editor available today. Of course, I think the main reason OpenShot has become so popular is because we are very much connected to our users. Between E-mail, Facebook, LaunchPad, and this blog, I am constantly getting great suggestions, support, bug reports, and new ideas that make OpenShot the great app it has become. So, a big thank you to everyone for helping me!

How do you interpret these statistics? Do you agree or disagree with my analysis?